About Bi-Fly™

Any and all animal husbandry facilities struggle with fly and aroma control with all the undesirable side effects these bring.

Whether it's horses, cattle, sheep or poultry a dry floor is essential for optimum health. Bi-Fly™ Africa provides an environmentally sustainable, non toxic solution to floor management, fly and aroma control.

Bi-Fly litter amendment for ammonia and fly control

Litter Amendment for Ammonia & Insect Control

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Bi-Fly™'s unique, patented formula (RSA Pat. Appln. No. 2019/00754) is 100% organic with zero toxins.

An essential base element within any holistic ammonia and fly control program across multiple animal husbandry environments, Bi-Fly™'s proprietary blend of naturally occurring fine organic works,check out customer testimonials.

100% safe & non toxic: you won't inadvertently poison your dog or child!