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Ammonia - You really don't want to be breathing this!

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Fly Control Options

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Fly Control Options for Horse Owners Not only do flies and other bugs bite and sting your horses, they can spread disease. Read about the different ways you can defeat the enemy and keep flies away from your horse and barn. Flies--annoying pests? An understatement, at best. Not only do these adversarial insects bite, buzz and sting, they also spread disease. The reality is that flies are enemies that come with horse keeping, and you're not going to be able to take down every single one. But you can educate and arm yourself on ways to put them into retreat....

Expert explains how breathing problems can quash a racehorse's chance at gold

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Laurent Couëtil uses an equine nebulizer to administer treatment for asthma. Credit: Purdue University photo/Rebecca Wilcox The Kentucky Derby has come and gone, but there are still two races left in the fight for the Triple Crown. The horse favored to win the Derby, Omaha Beach, dropped out last-minute due to a breathing complication known as entrapped epiglottis. And Country House, the horse that won the Derby, won't run in the Preakness. He's developed a cough, according to his trainer. Although "horse asthma" isn't in everyone's vocabulary, breathing issues in horses are more common than one might assume. "Unlike the...