Equi Bi-Fly™ for equestrians

There is a very good reason leading producers of competitive equines across multiple disciplines include Bi-Fly within their daily stable management routine....... Enhance your horses living space for an unfair competitive advantage!

In all realms of equestrian sport be it jumping, racing, endurance or dressage the difference between first and second is fractions.

Give yourself a competitive advantage with Equi Bi-Fly.

By eliminating ammonia and controlling insects in your stable eyes and airways will be healthier and generally less stressed. Oh and so will your wallet, Bi-Fly saves you a fortune of fly tapes and bedding.

A healthier horse = healthier results. Could very well be the difference between first and second!

Equi Bi-Fly eliminates ammonia plus controls flies and nuisance insects.
This stuff really works… Don’t take our word for it check out Bi-Fly testimonials from top competitors and trainers,

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You don't need a fancy import to win. A well trained fit and healthy horse will do just fine.

 Yet more testimonials 

  • Bacteria convert urea to ammonia, Bi-Fly creates an environment where bacteria cannot thrive thus virtually eliminating ammonia production.
  • Ultra absorption qualities absorbs ammonia fumes and keeps bedding dry assisting hoof care, not to mention reducing bedding costs, typically Bi-Fly pays for itself in bedding costs alone.
  • Decimates stress inducing local insect populations, the savings on tapes, sprays etc are dramatic and you can imagine how this again acts to improve overall well being of your horse.
  • Improves the nutrient value of manure.