Sell Bi-Fly™ Products

Expand or start your own business with Bi-Fly™ as an independent main distributor.

An excellent addition to provincial feed merchants, hold stock, sell to end users, wholesale to re-sellers and agents. Pop us mail to start the conversation:

Main distributor openings in Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, North West & Limpopo. National distribution inquiries welcome from Sub Saharan countries. Botswana taken.

As an independent agent:

  • Sell our range of products to equestrians, farmers, pet shops, hardware stores etc. Sell Equi Bi-Fly™ to equestrians, Bi-Fly™ BioDry to farmers and Bi-Fly™ SaniPet to pet shops.
  • Leverage your existing network of friends, family and business acquaintances to build an ever increasing income for your family.
  • Source stock from your provincial distributor.
  • Contact your local distributor for local details.
  • It is a profitable, simple business opportunity for any energetic sober person.
  • You will need reliable transport and access to the internet at least via your cell phone.