About Bi-Fly™

Fly control for horse stables and poultry farms

Bi-Fly™ was originally conceived as a sanitation & ammonia control solution assisting equines with chronic respiratory issues. As development and testing progressed it became apparent Bi-Fly had a number of additional useful properties significantly increasing the range of applications for Bi-Fly well beyond the initial brief.

Bi-Fly is a proprietary blend of fine silicates and enzymes.100% natural, non toxic (except to insects & reptiles) sanitiser and insect control for use in the animal husbandry industry.

Bi-Fly  now sports 3 derivatives, namely;

  1. Equi Bi-Fly: Air purification with ammonia & Insect control properties for equine managers
  2. Bi-Fly™ BioDry: An environmental enhancement product,keeps bedding dry,ammonia free and eliminates nuisance insects,increasing yields particularly in the poultry industry.
  3. Bi-Fly™ SaniPet: eliminates foul smells from bird cages, cat litter trays, kennels etc. Also used to treat "puppy pee" soiled carpets.

Bi-Fly™ kills insects

Sanitation is the first measure of defense, even though there are various traps and sprays that are used to kill flies, it is necessary to eliminate the source in order to eliminate them. Killing adult flies will reduce infestation, but elimination of breeding areas is necessary for good fly control management.

We have all no doubt tried the various fly control solutions:-

  1. Tape: very satisfying to see all those corpses but and it's a big but your yard is still buzzing with flies, why? cause the the little devils have made babies. lots of them before appending themselves to your decoration.
  2. Sprays: also expensive at well over a hundred bucks a can and do they ever defeat your fly problem? reduce perhaps, decimate,no? we haven't seen that yet!
  3. Fumigation: Again not cheap and pretty horrible stuff - and do you still have a flies zooting around a week later?
  4. Traps: A  little cheaper and again very satisfying to see the corpses in your trap, until you come to have to clean the stinking mess!! Oh and yes you've still got flies zooting all over the place!

The housefly life cycle closely mirrors that of most insects: a basic cycle that begins with an egg, then develops through a larva phase, a pupa phase, and finally, into an adult. During a warm summer -- optimal conditions for a housefly -- the cycle, from fertilized egg to adult, spans a mere seven to 10 days. Bi-Fly kills adults,eggs and larva's within 48hrs of contact, effectively decimating local fly populations within one life cycle (+/- 10 days)

Bi-Fly™ kills flies and many other nuisance insects.

Now you can control flies and crawling insects without the use of dangerous pesticides. Bi-Fly™ typically kills adult insects,eggs and larvae within 48hrs of contact.

Bi-Fly™ nutralises ammonia fumes and more.

Toxic fumes negatively impact on any animals health. Eliminating these toxic fumes enhances the local environment significantly reducing clinical signs of respiratory issues resulting in increased performance.
Within poultry houses this drives increased weight gain & carcass yields not to mention a typical drop in mortality rates of 7%.

Bi-Fly™ is ultra absorbent.

Due to the ultra absorbency properties of Bi-Fly wet or damp bedding is minimized for improved overall comfort of your stock plus eliminates insect breeding sites.