How Bi-Fly Works

This stuff really works! But how?   

The science behind Bi-FlyThe science behind Bi-Fly

Ammonia Control

Firstly Bi-Fly neutralises ambient ammonia in the air and suppresses further ammonia production immediately improving the local air quality.

As Ammonia is produced by bacteria chomping on urea,urea a component of urine,to control ammonia we need to control the source.
Either we stop the animals urinating - not very likely! Or we control bacterial activity.

There are 3 ways of achieving this:

  1. Use of poisons which bring immense challenges both technically and environmentally.
  2. Manipulating the local pH level:Most bacteria cannot operate optimally in an environment below 4.5 and above 11. A fair few species have much narrower operational windows which Bi-Fly utilises.
  3. Manipulate the water activity (aw) level below a value of 7 at which point osmosis within the bacteria is stopped or restricted, effectively shutting down the production of Ammonia.

    The latter is known in scientific parlour as use of humectants. Bi-Fly’s ultra-low molecular weight makes it an incredibly powerful humectant enduing Bi-Fly with a powerful water binding capacity.
    For example, a simple sugar like sucrose is more effective than a starch, whose interlocked glucose molecules limit available water-binding sites. For this reason, fibre (shavings, straw etc..), gums, and waxes are next to useless as effective humectants.

            4.Reduce NH3 volatilization by binding or trapping latent NH3.

    Bi-Fly utilises these techniques. Equi Bi-Fly’s additional “good bugs” further enhance the process.
    This is something akin to freeze drying food to stop it going off, albeit without the freeze!

    Fly Control

    Having controlled the ammonia insects, flies in particular, are less attracted to your space, those that do venture into your space and landing on Bi-Fly inadvertently coat themselves with a dusting of Bi-Fly.In short order decimating your local fly/insect populations, without poisoning the environment Bi-Fly being non-toxic to mammals,birds and fish.

    This methodology is common across the entire Bi-Fly range.

    Now you lose the smell AND have a horse/chicken/gerbil enjoying greatly reduced stress from annoying insects, standing in a healthier environment for their hoof, foot or claw, respiratory tract & highly sensitive optical pathways PLUS you save a fortune on bedding, fly tapes, insecticide etc.