Equi Bi-Fly™ FAQ's

Fly control for horses

How cost effective is Equi Bi-Fly?

Used as directed Equi Bi-Fly one 25Kg bag will usually treat a stable for 2 to 2.5 months. Given the immediate and direct savings on shavings & fly tapes Bi-Fly will show a net saving almost immediately!!

Compare this against tapes (+/-R800 a roll) , knock down sprays (+/- R130 a 250ml can), insecticide sprays/fogs/granules (you need to bond your house for these) and you can see just how cost effective Bi-Fly really is!

If traditional products worked you wouldn't be reading this!!

Isn't this just Diatomaceous Earth in a fancy bag?

Nope; Bi-Fly™ certainly contains Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Bi-Fly is our proprietary blend of complimentary micro fine minerals including DE, Zeolite, Clinoptilolite and enzymes acting in concert to deliver Bi-Fly's astounding performance.

How do I use Bi-Fly in my stables?

Check out our how to video or how to instruction page.

What is Bi-Fly?

Bi-Fly two years in research,development and testing resulting in a (RSA Pat. Appln. No. 2019/00754) propitiatory mixture of fine organic particulates including diatomaceous earth, silicates & enzymes.

How does Bi-Fly work?

Bi-Fly dries out wet areas, is particularly good at controlling ammonia, hence the nasty stable smells disappear. Bi-Fly's innate characteristics ensure insect control within any stable environment. Check out the testimonials to see just how ell Bi-Fly performs.

How long will it take to see a reduction in my fly population?

A single fly life cycle (+/- 10 days) and you will notice a reduction the second cycle significantly greater and by the third cycle you wont know how you survived without Bi-Fly.

Where has Bi-Fly been tested?

Bi-Fly has been tried & tested  in stable blocks and poultry houses in and around Gauteng & KZN. Bi-Fly is currently undergoing clinical trails in a number of fields to further enhance product credentials.

Where can I use Bi-Fly?

Being 100% non toxic Bi-Fly applications are permitted in both food/feed and non-food areas as a moisture absorber and general insect control product.

Permitted areas of use include but are not limited to: animal quarters/ kennels/poultry houses, apartment buildings, bakeries, breweries, buses, canneries, cafeterias, dairies, food/feed manufacturing, processing and service establishments, greenhouses, grocery stores and supermarkets, industrial buildings and installations, laboratories, mausoleums, meat slaughtering and packing plants, recreational vehicles, nursing homes/day care centers, restaurants, schools, sewers and underground tunnels, stores and institutions, supermarkets, telecommunication conduits, theaters, utility vaults and conduits, vessels, warehouses and zoos.

How safe is Bi-Fly?

Bi-Fly is 100% non toxic(unless you are an insect or reptile) in fact if ingested it is mildly beneficial as it contains anti parasitic qualities. As Bi-Fly™ is an incredibly fine "dust" use of a face mask is recommended. Avoid contact with eyes as this may cause irritation, rinse eyes with fresh water to clear.

Does Bi-Fly have any other uses?

During the development phases Bi-Fly has shown positive results beyond fly & ammonia control. The following we share as observations as no claims can or are made beyond ammonia and fly control.

Various pets dogs,cats and guinea pigs with problem coats were dusted with Bi-Fly apparent improvements in skin condition were observed as was what appeared to be a reduction in itching in dogs.

These results my or may not be repeated but you can't harm your pet with a dusting of Bi-Fly. In fact if you do any insects that land on your pet will soon perish.

Bugs certainly don't like Bi-Fly, without the urine/ammonia attraction bugs tend to stay away hence Bi-Fly applied to your pet, horse,goat or chickens coat seems to positively deter insects from harassing and biting them..

Are there any other variants of Equi Bi-Fly available?


  • Bi-Fly BioDry a modified blend targeting a number of commercial husbandry environments.
  • Bi-Fly SaniPet for household pets

Our poultry tests have shown remarkable results, don't take our word for it check out Shaun's testimonial.