Bi-Fly™ SaniPet for domestic pets


Bi-Fly™ "SaniPet" is formulated for use with small animal cages and cat litter trays

Hamster in cage cat in litter tray

This stuff really works!

SaniPet for small animal cages and cat litter trays.- a proprietary blend of naturally occurring silicates & organic enzymes with Ultra absorbent properties. 100% Natural. Non-Toxic 100% safe for Mammals & Birds. Mildly anti parasitic if ingested.

Ammonia fumes not only smell bad they also irritate and damage eyes and respiratory tracts.

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  • Keeps bedding and cage floors dry and ammonia free.
  • Banish pet poo and urine odour.
  • Eliminates nasty used cat litter tray smells.
  • Treats carpets after puppy pee mistakes!

Eliminate cat litter tray smells. Cats are particularly sensitive to smells,use of a perfumed air freshener may mask the smell for a moment but in all likelihood your cat will abandon using the litter tray altogether, rather Sprinkle SaniPet onto the base of your cat litter tray to a depth of 10mm, add your cat litter and top off with a sprinkle of SaniPet for smell free litter trays.

Keep cages dry and ammonia free, sprinkle 10mm SaniPet across the cage floor, add your bedding then reapply SaniPet across the surface of your bedding. A daily sprinkle of SaniPet keeps bedding dry reducing your bedding costs, eliminates ammonia fumes improving the air quality for improved health and well being of your pet. Plus SaniPet kills insects, mites, bugs etc. 
Remove soiled bedding weekly and repeat.

Puppy pee on your carpet? Sprinkle SaniPet across the affected area, wait 5 minutes, dampen area with a fine mist & hoover up. Test a “hidden” area of carpet for colour fastness first.


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